Come On, Come On…

All of the trees are bare, the grass and plants have died back, and the cold can really drag you down this time of year. Spring seems so far away, and the outside activities are limited and replaced with ‘couch’ time for many of us. All of this … [Read more]

Juicing with Nekter Juice Bar

Tawny and I are no stranger to cleanses/detoxes and definitely incorporate green juice/smoothies into our normal daily routine.  We just finished our 3 day cleanse with Nekter Juice Bar, we are feeling great and our skinny jeans are fitting just a … [Read more]

Is Your Life in Balance?

Read this helpful and insightful post from our contributer, Shelli Stone, but also be on the lookout to register for our free coaching call open to everyone on February 5th at 8:30pm.  We'll help you Crowd Out the unhealthy food binges with … [Read more]

Cranberry, Walnut Wild Rice Recipe

Here is a simple and delicious recipe that can be eaten alone or mixed in with your favorite veggies or protein.  It is full of nutrients and flavor, and for all you hotties that crave sugar... the cranberries in this dish, gives you the perfect … [Read more]

Sriracha Brussels Sprouts

I think I may have gotten on the Sriracha bandwagon a little late... but better late than never, right? These days I am throwing this "rooster sauce" on anything and everything I possibly can, even to the point of mixing it in my green smoothie in … [Read more]

Hot and Healthy Detox Juice Recipe

New year… New You!  For those of you who got a new juicer for Christmas (or those of you who have decided to knock the dust off your old ones), here is the perfect cleansing recipe for you!  Celery is one of our favorite powerhouse foods because … [Read more]