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Being MOODY can be the result of poor nutrition, imbalanced hormones, food sensitivities or allergies, lack of sleep, etc… and sometimes they all go hand in hand. We are here to help walk you through those issues, both through our blog posts, but more importantly through our proven programs. Check out our wellness programs that bring you physical emotional balance we all deserve, and are all done at YOUR convenience! Learn More!

Hormone Disrupters: Hot, Healthy and Happy in Future Generations

hormones in Africa

I recently tested my own hormones again through canaryclub.org, and we always refer clients who don’t want to sit in a waiting room, or who don’t have insurance that covers hormone testing.  I received this article from them today about the future of hormone balance and what is causing hormone disrupters that I thought was definitely […]

Primary Food (it’s not what you eat)

primary foods

The best part about what we do as nutritional health coaches is helping people understand WHY they can’t seem to do what they know they SHOULD be doing!  We have learned both personally and through our clients that if you are having intense cravings or eating poorly, it is probably a sign that something else […]

Save your Spot to Get Hot and Healthy!


We are starting again Monday, July 14, and if you know you want in, get in now!  In addition to taking advantage of the value we have added to the already transformational wellness program, you will be taking advantage of some BIG SAVINGS!!!  Let’s get HAPPY, HEALTHY and HOT Together!  See this month’s flyer for […]

MoodLifter: Quick Tips if Hypothyroidism is Making You FRUMPY


If you’re feeling frumpy, dumpy and about to fall asleep reading this post, this just might help you start sizzling again.  Did you know that an estimated 10 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism (under-functioning thyroid), and as many as 10% of women have some degree of thyroid deficiency?  Very few people have heard of Hashimotos, but […]

Peachy Beet Salad


Growing up I was NOT a fan of the beet (usually served all mushy and pickled at my Grandmother’s– sorry Grandmother, but GAG). I think there are a lot of people who share my beet experience. But over the past year I have had delicious beet salads served at amazing restaurants, have juiced beets for […]

Final Call For H3:60, March 5


We are beyond PUMPED about this group of ladies, and if you’re on the fence, you have until 10am tomorrow (Monday, March 5) to register.  Once the first week’s materials have gone out, time is up.  To see all the details about H3:60, click here to see what’s included, watch and read the raves and […]

Weekly MoodLifter: Be a Trapeze Artist


No, I’m not urging you to join the circus. Life is not standing still, and neither should you. Life is about change, and if you want to make the most of it, you should start thinking more like a trapeze artist. Keep reading to see exactly what I mean, (You BRAVE Hot Moody Mess): 1.) […]